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Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heater

We are proud to be suppliers of Gomon solar heater panels.
Gomon solar water heaters use the latest technology to provide superb performance coupled with safe and reliable solar water heating.

To ensure your solar water heaters effectiveness please carefully read the User's Manual before starting your installation.
Please keep your User's Manual for later reference.

Gomon Solar Water Heater Features

1). Effective and applicable:

Gomon has adopted the efficient AL-N/AL heat absorption-coating vacuum tube system.
This provides high absorption efficiency with a low emission rate.
The full metal mirror reflector has a higher than average reflective efficiency.
This effectively enhances the thermal efficiency of the solar water heater.

2). Low heat loss:

By using imported high density polyurethane foam we ensure our products have a combination of high density and strength, creating a heater tank with excellent heat insulation statistics.

3). Superior material:

The outer casing of the water tank uses a high quality stainless steel with inbuilt corrosion-resistance. The inner of the water tank is made of imported SUS304 food grade stainless steel. This construction ensures the water heater has features such as strong erosion-proofing, long life and no pollution of the internal structures.
This ensures that your water is kept clean and hygienic.

4). Energy-saving and environment protection:

No pollution effectively protects the internal environment and ensures maximum electrical energy savings created by continued maximum heating efficiency.
Once installed you will benefit from these savings continuously.
This may repay the cost of the entire unit and installation within 2 or 3 years.

5). Large applicable scope:

You can fully satisfy the hot water needs of your household including examples such as showers; cleaning; dish and clothes washing etc. When multiple solar water heaters are linked they become suitable for the collective central heat-water projects such as residential buildings, schools, hospitals, Gyms and office blocks etc.

6). All-weather hot water supply:

Solar water heating with electrical backup ensures you retain hot water under any circumstances, such as cloudy, rainy days or days with insufficient sunshine.

Given the increasing cost of electrical power and its uncertain supply, why not invest in your future and install solar water heating now?