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Formally known as Blue Seal in Oceania, the standard name was changed to stop possible confusion with Blueseal appliances sold by Moffat appliances.

Styled in Asia, designed for the New Zealand environment and then certified in Europe, the sealion standard is AUX? top range of Air-conditioner Heat pumps and present the best value for money available.

All units are fitted with

  • Low temperature unit startup and function (normal starting is achieved from as low as -13C)
  • Scientifically adjusted venturi system to give the widest possible air spread ensuring that all points of the room are cooled or heated to maximum efficiency
  • The same optimised ventilation system reduces the "noise level" to the lowest possible ratings with an average inside unit noise level of no more than 26DB

All split system and tower units come with

  • A full charge of refrigerant gas
  • A full pipe-work installation kit
  • All necessary wiring up to and inclusive of the connecting plug
  • Complete installation instructions

This allows the average competent home handyman or trades person to install these units easily themselves.

This brilliant package means that you now have the choice of installing your own airconditioner heat-pump yourself thus saving yourself hundreds of dollars in installation charges, while reducing heating bills.
As airconditioner heat pumps have a 3 to 1 conversion ratio, (unlike normal electrical heaters which take one Kw of electricity to produce 1 Kw of heat) you get almost 3Kw of heat for your home for every Kw of electricity you pay for.

Pollution free, energy saving, styled for New Zealand, what more could you ask for?

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